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About Us

Pure Joy Ministries is a nonprofit organization whose main objective is to plant ministries of compassion, mercy and justice.  We strive to build, strengthen and sustain family and community life by reaching out with the Love of Christ through music, education, and outreach programs. 

The More I Seek You - Gateway Worship
Charity Volunteers
Helping Hands

Mission Minded 

Pure Joy Ministries is passionate about Missions.  John 20:21 states "As the Father has sent me, even so I am sending you".  This is the Great Commission. While in Matthew's gospel we hear the Lord say, "Go and make disciples," in John's gospel we hear him say "I am sending you."  This is the key to being mission minded:  an urgent sense of sending and being sent.  For up-to-date information regarding Cambodia, click the button below: 

Mission Minded 

Miracle of a Dollar

Pure Joy Ministries is humbled to have been entrusted with the oldest building in West Point, CA.  Currently, we have been utilizing a portion of the building for bible studies, conferences, worship services, and community outreach.  In order for us to utilize the fullness of the building, we must raise the building approximately 4 feet, in order to expand services.  The cost to raise the building is $100,000. The Lord put on our hearts to begin a campaign called “The Miracle of a Dollar”.  So often, we take for granted the value of a dollar.   In today’s economy that is very easy, however, in God’s economy it is not.  If we get 100,000 people to donate $1.00 each, we can reach our goal of raising the building.  In the carnal mind, this seems impossible however with God all things are possible. 

With today’s technology and all social media platforms available to us, what if we were able to get even just a few of our friends or followers on Facebook or other social media platforms to share (The Miracle of a Dollar) and donate just one dollar?  Imagine the impact a dollar could have, and how fast we could reach our goal?  LET’S MAKE THIS GO VIRAL.  You can donate on our website at, or you can  mail us a check to PO Box 352, West Point, CA  95255.  For additional information, please call us at 209-293-4073.  

Events & Announcements

Every Tues

Generation Life Church (GLC) Life Recovery every Tuesday at 6:00 pm, Pure Joy Hall, 304 Main Street, West Point, CA


Generation Life Church (GLC) Bible Study every Wednesday at 6:00 pm, Pure Joy Hall, 304 Main Street, West Point, CA

Every Wed


Pure Joy Ministries Bible Study - an in-depth study of Genesis, every Friday at 10:00 am.  Meets at Pure Joy Hall, 304 Main Street, West Point, CA

     6 PM

Comunity Covenant Church "CCC" Bible Study "The ideal relationship isn't a fairy tale".  This is a 17-week Women's group.  Cost is $30.  Meets at CCC, 22264 Hwy 26, West Point. Register by 9/20 at (209) 293-4226.

Every Fri

Every Tues

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