Pure Joy Ministries is partnering with the Gaiduchik family (Pastor Victor and Irene) who are missionaries to the Slavic/Russians.  In 2015, an uprising began in Eastern Ukraine. As a result thousands of people have lost their homes, their wealth, and even loved ones. Pure Joy Ministries is humbled to partner with Pastor Victor as he partners with local Pastors in Ukraine to send warm clothing, prayers and financial donations to meet the needs of the people.


In 2015, Linda Abid-Cummings, Pure Joy Ministries, joined Upon This Rock Ministries and Seed One Ministries and other churches for a mission trip to Honduras.  The purpose of the mission was to build a church and two class rooms in 10 days.  Missionaries came from California, Washington, Nevada, and the countries of Puerto Rico, El Salvador, Guatemala, and together alongside of nationals of Honduras the project and landscaping was completed in 6 days – Praise God!  There were over 100 missionaries that came to serve side-by-side for the Glory of God.  


In 2018, Pure Joy Ministries co-labored with Seed One, Soldiers of the Cross and other ministries to construct a Church and Christian School in Kampong Chhnang, Cambodia.  The missionary, Lidia from El Salvador, has been in Cambodia for eight years teaching English and raising up young children to preach the gospel of Christ.  Currently Lidia has eight teams of young children (ranging from 10-16) that go out and preach the gospel every Sunday in the neighborhoods of Kampong Chhang.


In 2008, Linda Abid-Cummings, Harold and Marla Kenitzer, with Pure Joy Ministries and Bruce Forrest with the Covenant Church went on a mission trip to Brazil to assist with improvements at a day care.  Unbeknownst to us, the day care was going to be shut down if certain improvements were not made.  We were humbled that God used us to help with the improvements.


Linda Abid-Cummings, Pure Joy Ministries joined Seed One Ministry and others on a mission trip to Haiti.   The purpose of the mission trip was to build a bible school to train Pastors, Teachers and Evangelists. While there, we had an opportunity to visit a church service about two hours away.  To my surprise, the church was actually a tent (a large tent).  The Hatians’ praised the Lord with all their heart, soul, and mind.  This is an experience that I will never forget.  Too often we get caught up with the building and we loose our focus (our first Love). 


Linda Abid-Cummings, joined Seeds of Dignity and others for a mission trip to the Philippines.  The purpose of the mission was to participate in medical and dental outreaches and to visit other ministries in the Philippines.  Peter and Pelan Cowles are missionaries in the Philippines and they work primarily with faith based partners to help less fortunate Filipinos break out of the long-term bondage of poverty, both physically and spiritually. 

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