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Cambodia 2018

In 2018, Pure Joy Ministries co-labored with Seed One, Soldier's of the Cross, and other ministries to help construct a Church and Christian school in Kampong Chhnang, Cambodia.  The missionary, Lidia from El Salvador, has been in Cambodia for eight years  teaching English and raising up young children to preach the gospel of Christ.  Currently Lidia ministers to 300+ children.  There are eight teams of young children (ranging from 10-16), who Lidia has discipled, that go out and preach the gospel every Sunday in the neighborhoods of Kampong Chhang, Cambodia.  

The video below is Lieb, a student teacher, from Victory in Christ Church.  She wanted to sing me a song that she wrote.  What a Blessing! 


If you are interested in joining Pure Joy Ministries on a missions trip in the future, please contact us at 209-293-4073 regarding cost, date, etc.

Lieb Singing

Lieb Singing

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Cambodia 2017

In February and July, Pure Joy Ministries co-labored with Seed One Ministries and other Ministries to help consruct a Teen Challenge Center in Phnom Pehn, Cambodia.  


Last year, Seed One Ministry, was able to secure the property, prepare the land, put up a security fence, and get started.  They have coordinated five mission trips to work on the building in the last year.  The center will house 50 abused and addicted women and their children. 

Teen Challenge Cambodia is a vibrant ministry, focused on searching and reaching the lost and hurting people of Cambodia, especially those stuck in life-controlling addictions or modern day slavery.


I am humbled to co-labor with Seed One and Teen Challenge Cambodia on this project.  Dress A Girl Around the World donated 50 dresses to Teen Challenge.  In addition, products were donated by Mary Kay to bless the children and women at the center.  

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