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Brazil Hidden


Pure Joy Ministries partners with Pastor Wainer Guimaraes and his wife Magui, who are missionaries in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.   One facet of their ministry, Project Brazil, has taken 41 young artists (high school age) from various slums in Rio to the United States to perform their God given talents at various locations.  Project Brazil seeks to do works of mercy, justice, and spiritual development.


Pure Joy Ministries was honored to host "Project Brazil" on various occassions, in West Point, CA.  Brazilian artists gave the audience a first-hand taste of authentic Brazilian culture inspired by the creative spirit of young artists. Traveling across the continental United States, the young artists in the group performed Brazilian cultural songs, original compositions and dances, and some unique interpretations of both Brazilian and American songs.


Linda Abid-Cummings, Harold and Marla Kenitzer, with Pure Joy Ministries and Bruce Forrest with the Covenant Church went on a mission trip to Brazil to assist with improvements at a day care.  Unbeknownst to us, the day care was going to be shut down if certain improvements were not made.  We were humbled that God used us to help with the improvements.

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