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Partnership is key to any Ministry.True partnership requires the ability to set aside tasks and agendas long enough for the partners to listen to each other, identify their common mission, and understand what each partner can contribute.  Pure Joy Ministries is blessed to partner with the following ministries:  
A Servant's Heart Ministry A discipleship program to learn grow, serve, and mature in Christ.  A Servant's Heart Ministry is a multi-facet ministry that was created to provide a platform for the Holy Spirit to minister to individuals in a safe environment.  The needs and situations of each individual are unique and all require a different approach, but have the same solution "Jesus".  A Servant's Heart Ministry knows first hand the LORD is the only one who can bring freedom, deliverance, and health. Pure Joy Ministries is humbled to partner with a Servant's Heart Ministry.
Dress A Girl Around the World.png
Dress A Girl Around the World   is a Campaign under Hope 4 Women International (a 501 (c) 3 organization) bringing dignity to women around the world since 2006.  Hope 4 Women International is a nondenominational independent Christian organization.  They dream of a world in which every girl has at least one new dress.  They want girls to know that they are worthy of respect, and that they are loved by God.  Precious Threads, located in Brentwood, have sewn than 400 dresses for Pure Joy Ministries to distribute in Honduras, Guatemala, and Cambodia.  All of the dresses have been made by women that sew for charity.  PJM is honored to partner with Precious Threads.

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        Park Community Church        
             Women's Ministry              

Park Community Church Women's Ministry is active in several areas. The ladies of the church have been meeting regularly on Thursdays to sew various clothing; from quilted lap blankets for wheelchairs to dresses, aprons, diapers etc. as well as hand weaving and knitting hats, scarves, and socks from yarn.  Pure Joy Ministries is blessed to partner with this ministry.  We have received over 1500 hats and scarfs to give to the homeless, and various ministries that we partner with.  We have distributed them to the homeless in Stockton, San Francisco, Modesto, and at the Annual Christmas Tree Lighting in West Point.    PJM thanks you for your Servant's heart and the blessing that you are to the ministry. 

Lighthouse Ranch  is a mission minded ministry that holds Church services through Lively Stones Worship Center and also has a Private Christian school, Royal Heirs Christian Academy, that is housed and ran by Pastor Jim and Gloria Porteous, along with family members who also have a passion to see others free in Christ. Each one gives of their time and skills by offering the following
  • Christian education (on a available opening basis)

  • Teach basic hands on animal husbandry

  • Trail riding

  • Bassic animal behavior and horsemanship techniques

  • Ranch animal grooming and hoof care

  • Ranch maintenance (fence building and mending, stall maintenance, building maintenance )

  • Light construction

  • Grounds Maintenance

  • Organic gardening, including greenhouse with aquaponic system

  • Healthy food preparation

Seed One Foundation is a humanitarian organization addressing the critical needs of the world's most vulnerable people.  Seed One is passionate about winning the lost and increasing the influence of the missionary in the country they are serving.  Seed One comes alongside the missionary and empowers, encourages, coaches, and provides resources in areas of facilities and funding.   Seed One has constructed churches and bible schools in more than 87 countries.  Pure Joy is humbled to co-labor alongside Seed One.
homeless congretation.jpg
San Francisco Homeless Church Founded by Pastor Evan and April Prosser.  Pure Joy Ministries is blessed to be able to co-labor with the Prosser's by helping to serve the homeless, participate in donation drives, and serve at the Grace Healing Home for men.  Their mission is to bring the saving, life-changing power of Jesus Christ to the hurting in San Francisco.  We believe that there is a solution for homelessness that does not lie in just outer changes, but more importantly in inner changes.  We believe God can bring hope to the hopeless, healing to the sick, confidence to those who have none left.  We rely not on our own strength, but in the power of God to transform lives through His church.
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