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Ukraine Hidden


Pure Joy Ministries is partnering with the Gaiduchik family (Pastor Victor and Irene) who are missionaries to the Slavic/Russians.  In 2015, an uprising began in Eastern Ukraine. As a result thousands of people have lost their homes, their wealth, and even loved ones. Pure Joy Ministries is humbled to partner with Pastor Victor as he partners with local Pastors in Ukraine to send warm clothing, prayers and financial donations to meet the needs of the people.


During April 2015, Pure Joy Ministries was blessed to deliver two car loads of new coats and warm clothing to the Gaiduchik family to prepare for shipping to the Ukraine. 


Pastor Victor shared with us the current situation in Ukraine and pictures of the people there.  He told us that for only 25 cents they could buy a 1 lb loaf of bread and a 2 lb bag of potatoes that will feed a family for one week.  He shared testimonies about the length of time families were standing in the freezing cold so they could receive food. He spoke about hundreds coming to Christ each week and children being blessed with daily bread. In the mist of chaos the people of God are gathering  for prayer, there are prayer tents that have been set up in almost  every city, and people are coming together to pray. A revival is beginning in Ukraine and we are excited to be a part of what God desires to do there. 

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