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 Linda Abid-Cummings, Pure Joy Ministries, joined Upon This Rock Ministries and Seed One Ministries and other churches for a mission trip to Honduras.  The purpose of the mission was to build a church and two class rooms in 10 days. 


Missionaries came from California, Washington, Nevada, and the countries of Puerto Rico, El Salvador, Guatemala, and together alongside of nationals from Honduras, the project and landscaping was completed in 6 days – Praise God!  There were over 100 missionaries that came to serve side-by-side for the Glory of God.   The coordination techniques of leaders Jessie Galindo and Stan Wagner were tremendous.  It is amazing how much we can accomplish for the Kingdom of God when ministries work together and are not concerned with who gets the credit other than God. 


The response from the community was astounding.  A local television station participated by streaming live the dedication and encouraging those unable to attend.

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