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Worship the KING

Come and join us every third Saturday of the month to Worship the KING.  Potluck starts at 6:00 pm followed with Worship.  We meet at 304 Main Street, West Point.  

GLC Life Recovery (The Father's Table) 

Addiction comes in many forms.  It is not partial to a race, income, or gender.  The Father's Table is a 12 step recovery program designed to teach principles and victorious living above the hopelessness of addictive lifestyles.  Our heart's desire is to see the chains of addiction broken by the power of Jesus Christ and to bring restoration of hope to individuals and families.  We meet every Tuesday at 6:00 pm at 304 Main Street, West Point. For addition information, please contact Jack and Teresa Copeland at

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Bible Study

Come join us for the following bible studies:


Wednesday, 6 pm -- Come join us for a weekly bible study with Pastors Dave and Vivian Wilson.    



Friday, 10 am -- What is our purpose in life?  Why were we created.? Come join us for an indepth Bible Study of Genesis. 

We meet weekly at 304 Main Street, West Point.  For additional information, call (209) 293-HoPE (4073).

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